San Francisco Thrift Stores For Furniture

The Best San Francisco Thrift Stores For Furniture posted 12/18/2016 by Brute Storage

San Francisco has a specific aesthetic. The city’s vibe oozes freedom, creativity, and character–all a mix of the innovative-types San Francisco has attracted since the early 1900s. Some have described the streets of San Francisco as walking through an idyllic boutique shop. We can’t argue with that. The colors porches from the 1920s definitely scream vintage–in addition to style of the people who walk those streets. No matter what your interior design taste is you’ll likely be tempted to dabble in the vintage and thrift scene. Lucky for you, San Francisco is home to AMAZING thrift stores.

Mission Thrift

Located in the heart of The Mission on Mission Street between 19th and 20th, Mission Thrift is an ever-evolving treasure chest–and bonus, it’s very reasonably priced. This isn’t one of your typical fancy thrift stores. You can find anything from artistic lamps to gorgeous wooden storage chests.

Community Thrift

Community Thrift Store, also located in the Mission, is another San Francisco thrift store gem–also very reasonably priced. Here, you can find the perfect antique chair for $100, and they’ll even deliver it back to your home for you. This thrift store has a high daily turnover with their merchandise, so be prepared to make a few visits if at first you don’t find something that catches your eye.


Goodwill has multiple locations throughout the city, all of which include a home furnishing section. Similar to the ones we listed above, everything is reasonably priced too. This is a great place to find antique dishes, lamps, and trinkets that are from the 60s. Our favorite one is one Haight Street.

Thrift Town

Also located in The Mission, Thrift Town is a great place to find hidden gems in the furniture sector. It’s basically a huge thrift department store, so be prepared to spend a lot of time browsing and sifting through piles of things. But we promise, it will be worth it.

Thrifting is a sustainable way to shop. Most of the thrift stores we mentioned above, donate their profits to charities. And plus, you’re reusing an item that would otherwise go in a landfill. And the best part of all, it will give your San Francisco pad character in the best kind of way.

Happy thrifting!