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Where Can I Thrift Shop For Furniture in Oakland? posted 01/26/2017 by Brute Storage

So you’ve finally found an apartment in the Bay Area housing market. Congrats! Now all you need to do is furnish your cozy little abode on the cheap. Being in the creative mecca that is Oakland, California, we wouldn’t recommend going straight to IKEA. Avoid the crowds and monotony, and check out these furniture thrift stores in Oakland that will allow you to decorate your new pad without breaking the bank.

Poor Honey’s

Poor Honey’s has a great variety, fair prices, and a sweet dog, Stella, to pet on your way in. We’re talking a full warehouse of merchandise. And they deliver! The turnover is high so if you don’t find something on your first trip, check back in a few days.


Super funky items with an organized chaos vibe, this South Berkeley spot isn’t technically Oakland but is an East Bay favorite to many. We recommend carving out a decent amount of time to browse at this large location.

Free Oakland UP

In true Oakland style, or shall we say Burning Man style, this place is a dream. Located in the Dimond district, the concept is simple: Everything is free—take what you want, one item per person per day. The whole place has basically turned into a giant shadowbox full of wonders. The shop is packed with antique lamps, kitchen appliances, decorative knickknacks, paintings, and other household items. Along with the store, the space also houses an art studio and a gallery. Keep this one in mind when you are donating next by picking out a special item to give back to the project.

Uhuru Furniture & Collectibles

While it’s quite small and packed, you’ll find used prices for quality pieces. Follow their blog for daily updates on new arrivals.


Goodwill is always a safe bet when it comes to thrift-ing for furniture in the Bay Area. They consistently have a solid furniture selection worth dropping in to see. This holds true for East Bay locations as well as San Francisco. It might take a bit more time and patience to thrift, but it’s worth it on multiple levels. It’s more economical, sustainable, and gives your place character. Remember, if you ever find yourself needing assistance in moving your furniture, our valet storage service has you covered. Happy hunting!